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Welcome To Navago Electronics and Electricals
Manufacturers & Exporter of Earth Leakage Relay , Phase Failure Relay , Limit Switch , Twi-Light Switch , Street Light Controller , Current Transformer
Navago Electronics & Electricals is a Premium Name in Manufacturing since 1979

In 1999, the NAVAGO Electronics & Electricals was incorporated to manufacture Limit Switches & Relays. The company has since then greatly proliferated and now produces a wide range of products, including Twi-Light Switches, Earth Leakage Relays, Single Phase Preventers, Limit Switches, and Items for Railways, among others. In the early 2000s, the company began to expand its product range to include a wider range of electrical and Electronic  products. The company has since then become one of the leading manufacturers of electrical and Electronic products in India.

Professional Team

A group of expert professionals with extensive knowledge in the design and production of Electrical and Electronic products for different applications is running the company.


The extensive selection of Industrial Products, the use of standardized materials and components, and a strong focus on quality during every stage of production have all earned a good reputation and are now well-known.

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Navago Electronics and Electricals is a well-respected business in the electronics and electricals industry. They have an extensive selection of items to satisfy both residential and commercial customers.


Street Light Controller

Navago Twilight Switch is intended to be used for the automated regulation of exterior lighting fixtures such as street lamps, campus lightings, yard lightings, and compound lightings. The switch operates by responding to the amount of natural light in the environment.


Twilight Switch

The Navago Twilight Switch is intended to automatically manage external illumination fixtures such as street lamps, campus lighting, garden lighting, and complex lighting based on the surrounding light level.


Street Light Controller

Navago Twilight Switch is designed for automatic control of outdoor luminaries like streetlamps, campus lighting, yard lighting, compound lighting, etc. Switching is based on the ambient light level.

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