Earth Leakage Relay Fixed

Earth Leakage Relay Fixed

Earth Leakage Relay Fixed:

ELRBIF NAVAGO make Earth Leakage Relay type ELRBIF is a unique relay which has a built in CBCT and a fixed range all in a single unit.

Principle of operation :

This relay operates on the core balance principle wherein the currents in the three phase of the system are summed by a core balance C.T. which for normal conditions equates to zero. In case of a leakage current to earth this balance is disturbed causing the electronic circuit to operate a relay within the unit. In this event the relay that is generally connected to circuit breaker operates thus tripping the main circuit. The electro mechanical relay operates on fault. The Earth Leakage Relay is provided with a TEST push button for checking its operation and a RESET button to reset the relay on operation. This helps in checking the proper functioning of the relay.

Under healthy conditions ‘OK’ LED will glow. In case of any leakage current the relay will ‘TRIP’ LED will glow.


The relay is base mounting and has built in CBCT.


Leakage Current Setting: 250 mA or 375 mA or 500 mA (any one or as per requirement)

Auxiliary supply : 110 or 220 or 415 or 550 V Ac, 50 Hz, or as per requirement

Built-in relay contact : 5 amps (resistive) 415 V AC or 220 V DC Number of contacts : One N/O and One N/C .


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